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Sustainable Living Guide

Cedar Woods and Living Key have partnered to provide this Sustainable Living Guide to point you in the right direction of building a more sustainable home and living a more sustainable life.

Looking for tips on how to live more sustainably?

We have defined seven categories of sustainability and provided you with a summary of things to think about and actions to take when building a house and enjoying life in a Cedar Woods residential estate. Many of these suggestions may also save you money.

Lifestyle factors aside, choosing a sustainably built home allows you to lower your environmental impact without compromising your usual comforts, thanks to factors like climate-responsive and solar-passive design. What’s more, sustainable lifestyles are often more affordable in the long term, due to an increased focus on renewable and in-home energy efficiency.

In this guide you'll learn about:

  • Design features and fixtures of the property that optimise good design and conserve and produce energy.

  • Type, amount and diversity of vegetation on lots, on street verges and in open space, and proximity to bushland.

  • Design features of the garden, and fixtures and appliances that conserve and re-use water

  • How to understand ‘rating assessment’ of the key liveability and sustainability features and attributes of new or existing properties.