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How to find the right community to buy in

A guide for Australian home buyers.

Imagine unlocking the door of your new home and being warmly greeted by like-minded neighbours. Before you know it, you’re invited to a street BBQ, and the kids (if you have them) have met other kids going to their new, local school. Or perhaps staying in your favourite suburb with its cafes and inner city ‘vibe’ is more important to you, but you’re looking for more affordable options. Maybe you want to upgrade your home but downsize your property, and buy yourself the time and freedom to do more with your life.

If you’re researching your next property move and any of these scenarios are playing out in your mind, then it sounds like finding the right community to buy in is important to you. With so many housing options today, finding the right community to suit your lifestyle can be difficult.

So to help with your research, in this page we cover:


Benefits of residential land community living

Residential land communities (sometimes referred to as 'greenfield communities') offer people the chance to live in a purpose built neighbourhood complete with all the services and amenities needed to create a thriving community. As Australia’s population continues to grow and the demand on existing suburbs pushes the prices of existing dwellings sky-high, greenfield residential communities are becoming increasingly appealing and affordable for Australians from all walks of life. Find out more about living in an exceptional community here.

A key benefit of residential land community living is that these communities provide amenities that people need and want close to their home. From sought-after locations to new roads and services, well thought-out amenities, and homes built to a consistent, high-quality standard that protects the integrity of the development — for many home buyers, residential land developments tick all the practical boxes. 

But most importantly, residential land communities provide residents with a great place to live where they’ll be able to meet like-minded neighbours, get involved in community events, gather with friends and family and enjoy a lifestyle of safety, comfort and convenience. We all love to feel a sense of belonging. Well planned and developed residential communities can provide this.

Benefits of living in urban renewal communities

If you won’t trade your coffee strip, your scooter-commute to work or your local pub, then smaller residential developments in inner-city suburbs could be more ‘your thing’.

Urban renewal communities offer home buyers new properties to choose from right within the heart of existing neighbourhoods. They typically offer apartment and/or townhouse living options next to transport hubs, shops and established amenities - and are usually suitable for investors, professional couples, downsizers or pre-family first home buyers.

So with urban renewal communities, you get the best of both worlds - a new-build home to make your own, but also the ability to live in an established area with the culture and ‘vibe’ that comes with inner-city living. 

An added bonus with apartment and small townhouse living is the ability to ‘lock up and leave’ with secure access to the community or buildings. And being smaller residential developments, there’s an opportunity to make close social connections, should you choose to, with other homeowners.

But if the thought of close neighbours sends chills up your spine, keep an open mind. With modern quality planned developments many of the barriers to high density living are overcome with excellent, well thought out design.

To find out more about townhouse and apartment living in cedar woods communities, watch Cedar Woods residents share their stories here.

Considerations for first home buyers

The opportunity to buy your own home is such an exciting step. And buying a brand new home that you can stamp your mark on from day-one is absolutely achievable for first home buyers in different communities, depending on the lifestyle you’re looking for.

If you can’t bear to leave the inner city ‘buzz’ then off the plan apartments and townhouses are a great option for first home buyers in urban renewal communities. But, if you’re a growing family looking for a bigger home with a backyard, then residential land communities offer house and land packages on larger blocks - and plenty of new neighbours to get to know!

If you’re researching where and what to buy, a good idea is to make a list of your ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to haves’ - this applies to the type of home you want to buy, and the neighbourhood you want to live in.

Important things to consider are:

  • Location and proximity to areas you live, work and play in -  as well as proximity to extended family and friends.
  • Lifestyle choices - what should the community provide that will ensure you enjoy living there? Are ample green spaces and walking tracks a ‘must have’? Or is a great cafe culture really important to you?
  • Think about the potential future growth of the area - what services and amenities are available already in the community now and what are the development plans for the future.
  • Consider whether a small ‘intimate’ urban renewal development is more attractive to you versus a larger residential land development and how this fits with your budget.

  • Are you an apartment person or a townhouse/independent dwelling person? 
  • What are your goals with your property? Are you hoping to upgrade to a larger or higher specced home as soon as you can afford to, or is this going to be a place to settle into to raise a family?
  • What is the demographic of the community? 
  • And the ‘oh so important’ question for many people ...is the property and the area going to be pet friendly?
Buying your first home?

Buying your first home?

Buying a new build property as your first home has many advantages over existing dwellings. Learn all the benefits and get tips to help you decide on your first property by downloading our comprehensive guide for first home buyers. 

Get the guide

Options for growing families

Perhaps your family is growing and you’re reaching the ‘bursting point’ in your current home. Or maybe you’re buying your first home as a new family unit, and want to ensure there is room to grow. There are plenty of new-build housing options catering to families both in urban renewal communities and in residential land developments. 

Residential land communities provide a great solution for busy, growing families. Not only can you select a home that is designed specifically for larger families (including the family SUV, the bikes, the sports gear, the drum set, the trampoline, the family pet…and the list goes on...), but you’ll also find a community of other young families to connect with.

Find out why residential land communities are great for families:

  • From the day you move in, you’ll be joining a community of families and other home owners who are all starting a new life in this area - so you immediately have something in common.
  • Kids gravitate to other kids - from the first street BBQ they will running around together and making friends before you know it.
  • Residential land communities are ‘master planned’ with all the services and amenities families need built into the development - in many cases, this includes schools, preschools, parks, sporting and recreational facilities.
  • You have plenty of options when it comes to the type of home you choose to buy - many residential land communities offer a broad selection of townhouse designs, apartments and house and land packages, so there is something for everyone.

But if moving out of the city isn’t for you, and you’d prefer to stay in the inner city suburbs you know and love, look out for new-build housing developments popping up in urban areas. If your family is growing, chances are you’re looking to move into more premium developments. You’ll want to upgrade your home in size and want to be closer to work and school for the kids. All this is achievable - with the bonus of a brand new home to make your own -  in urban renewal communities. Find out what some of our residents have to say about their own property journey here

Upgrading for downsizers

Perhaps the kids have (finally) left home and there’s no need for the large yard and triple garage anymore. Maybe you want that 'dream' apartment or townhouse that will serve you for entertaining and enjoying your retirement. 

Although you may be downsizing your property, it’s time to upgrade the quality of your life! You’ll be looking for a new home that ticks all your boxes and, this time, no compromises! Meet some residents who are proud owners of new house and land packages in Cedar Woods developments here.

If you’ve lived in the same area for many years, you may wish to stay within that community, or nearby. This is where urban renewal communities could be the perfect solution. With new apartments or townhouses, you can live in style and comfort with all the modern conveniences - and still have space for entertaining (and the occasional visiting child or grandchild). Being close to the community you know and love, you can remain connected with family and friends in the area - and still frequent your favourite cafes, bars and restaurants.

New builds (in particular, apartments) also come with the added benefit of in-built security. If you’re looking to ‘lock up and leave’ for travel or work, then building or buying a new home in an urban renewal development will provide you with peace of mind with modern security systems, and close neighbours to keep an eye on things (and maybe your pets too!) while you're away living your best life.


Choosing an investment property

Choosing good communities to invest in takes a bit of research combined with local knowledge. Most investors are looking for:

  • Plenty of amenities.
  • Properties near public transport.
  • Established areas that are growing in value.
  • Properties in sought after areas where they can easily get tenants.

Inner-city suburbs usually tick all these boxes, but established properties often come with higher price tags, maintenance bills, and tricker yield calculations. However, urban renewal communities in desirable suburbs offer more affordable townhouse and apartment options for investors who are keen to tap into plentiful inner-city rental markets.

Well-located residential land communities are also an attractive option for investors, often offering attractive capital gains and providing quality housing to people wanting to rent in desirable communities. And many developments offer a range of property options for investors to choose from - houses, duplexes, triplexes, townhouses, apartments, student accommodation, units - and the list goes on! 

The increase in the number of high-rise apartments in recent years has been one of the most notable shifts in the construction industry, offering investors affordable investment opportunities. Apartments have the added benefit of added security both for tenants and landlords. Bodycorp rules and often-times onsite property managers keep the standards high and an eye on what’s going on - which is an added bonus for many investors.

Buying off the plan is also an attractive option for investors looking at getting into the market at today's prices, providing an opportunity to build up their savings while their investment property is being built. 

In summary

Finding the right community for your next property move has become easier with the range of housing development options on the market today. Whether you’re wedded to your inner-city lifestyle, or whether you’re keen to start a new life further afield, we hope this guide has helped you evaluate the benefits of different types of community living.

As one of Australia’s leading property development companies, Cedar Woods projects epitomise a long-standing commitment to developing quality homes, workplaces and communities that people are proud of.

Our projects range from large residential land communities in high growth areas to medium and high-density apartments and townhouses in established suburbs. 

Cedar Woods has a proven track record for developing quality residential developments that inspire community connection and enrich people's lives. When you purchase in one of our communities, you can be assured you’re making a sound investment to start your next chapter in the best possible way.

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